Imagine Person A of your OTP is in some sort of accident that takes their eye sight. With Person A now blinded, Person B has to patiently help and reteach them how to do everything again, and slowly Person A learns to operate their life again almost as efficiently as they did with their eyesight (bonus points if Person B is gutsy enough to use it to their advantage to surprise and startle Person A playfully -maybe with kisses)

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Prompt from: otpprompts 

Prompt: Your OTP gets stuck in an elevator during a power outage with no way to communicate with the outside world. Person A is extremely claustrophobic, so it is up to person B to keep them from having a meltdown.

Pairing: Troyler

"C’mon Tilly! We’re already late to this meet and greet, we’ve got to hurry or it’ll get even more crowded!" Troye exclaimed, pointing down at the crowd of fans waiting outside of the hotel. Troye ran towards the stairway, looking back at Tyler who was standing at the elevator, pressing the button repeatedly. 

"What are you doing Troye?" Tyler asked, pointing to the now opening elevator. He put his foot in front of the door waiting for Troye’s answer. "I’m taking the stairs." the brunette plainly replied. 

"Why? The elevator will be so much faster and we don’t need to keep them waiting any longer, they’ll get rowdy. Let’s take the elevator." Tyler pointed out, waiting on Troye to come. 

Troye slowly made his way over to the elevator, trying to hide his fear from Tyler. He entered behind Tyler, pressed the “L” button on the black panel on the right wall then turning around. 

He awkwardly smiled at Tyler when the elevator started moving, wiping his sweaty palms on his pants legs. Tyler grinned back, chuckling to himself about something he’d seen on Tumblr the night before that reminded him of his elevator mate.

Abruptly the elevator stopped, causing Tyler to jump and Troye, widen his eyes with fear. Instantly after, the lights in the elevator went off, causing the faint beam of light from Tyler’s iPhone to be the only light in this cold box. 

Tyler turned on the flashlight feature of his phone, remaining completely calm, whilst Troye panicked, fearing for his life. “We’re going to die Tyler!” His voice cracking with fear. Tyler shone the light towards Troye, being careful as to not get it in his eyes. “No we aren’t Troye, they’ll have the elevator fixed in a couple minutes, and if they don’t, then someone will realize we’ve gone missing.” Tyler said in a calming tone, rubbing Troye’s back. 

"I can’t breathe Ty! We’re gonna run out of air! I don’t ha-” Tyler cut him off by slamming his lips against Troye’s, breaking away before Troye had time to react. “Just trust me.” Tyler whispered in Troye’s ear. Troye sat up slowly and looked at Tyler, smiling and grabbing his hand, “Maybe, if you can help me pass the time.”

Person B has been trained all his life to not react to pain. Person A accidentally punches him in the mouth (during sex or something cute like brushing each other’s teeth in the morning), but Person B doesn’t react. Person A has to teach Person B to learn how to react to pain again.

Imagine your OTP on their wedding night. Person A has had sex before, but Person B is a virgin (but has told Person A they aren’t) and extremely nervous. It’s up to you to decide whether Person B confesses, or Person A finds out firsthand.

Imagine your OTP and their child(ren) celebrating Easter and having a big ‘Egg-Hunt’ outside.

Imagine that Person A of your OTP is pregnant and isn’t sure whether or not Person B will be happy about the news.

However, when Person B is told about it, they start to get excited about the baby and immediately hug Person A, and the rest of the day is just the two of them discussing baby names all while Person B is rubbing and talking to Person A’s stomach.

You guys are so dirty.

I love it.