Imagine your OTP as siblings. They’re very close—so close that they even give each other little kisses on the cheek or lips. Person B secretly harbours a crush on Person A, who has recently started dating Person C. Whenever C visits their house, jealous!Person B makes it a point to kiss A in front of them. Person C suspects there’s something up with B, but A is completely oblivious. What happens next?


Benedikt Höwedes/Mats Hummels 


Title: Sleepy lover 
Pairing: Benedikt Höwedes/Mats Hummels
Characters: Benedikt Höwedes,Mats Hummels
Rating: E (18+)

summary- AU Benedikt comes home from work to find his boyfriend Mats fast asleep on their bed, Benedikt takes a tumble and Mats wakes up to a blushing Benedikt. [x]

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Imagine your OT3 has been together for a long time, but only Person A and Person B have had sex. Person C confronts them on this and it turns out one of the two is not sexually attracted to Person C. Whatever happens next is entirely up to you.


Imagine your OTP making love for the first time. Person B is shy but receptive. Person A has been wanting Person B for so long that they do something kinky and extremely unexpected. During the act, Person B’s shyness is overridden by lust, causing them to get just as if not more into the act than Person A could’ve ever dreamed.


Imagine one of your OTP/OT3 has somehow managed to catch the chickenpox despite not being a kid anymore. How do they act? Are they a good or bad patient? Do they need to be oven mitted?


Imagine your OTP in a zombie apocalypse. They are traveling together and one day they find a meadow full of flowers. They decide to stay there and rest. Person A (the happier one) make a flower crown and give it to Person B, who is really flattered by that gesture, and kiss Person A for the first time. They are making out when a zombie attacks and bites Person A. They defeat it, but then A has to ask Person B to kill them. They do it, crying for the first time since the beginning of apocalypse.


Can't Help It (998 words) by allthelostsouls [AO3] 


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shameless (US)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich
Characters: Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich

He’s still staring when Mickey turns his face towards him and his eyebrows start moving. Soon enough, sleepy blue eyes are staring up at Ian.


OTP prompt. Hope this isn’t too weird. AU and the afterlife 



Alternative Universe

Liv, Pattie, and George walked into San Lorenzo. George started to pull out the chair for Pattie but Liv beat him to it. To his surprise Liv sat in the chair and Pattie pulled out her own seat and sat down opposite Liv. George grabbed a third chair and turned it around and straddled it, resting his arms on the back.

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(inspired by SDR2) Imagine person A of your OTP is put in a simulation, where they meet person B. They become friends and slowly start falling in love - and then the simulation is crashing and they have to leave it, but person B can’t - they are an AI. Person A has to go and leave person B behind. They must look at how they are slowly disappearing.

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Imagine an AU where Person B of your OTP is Death. In this world, Death releases souls from their mortal bodies with a kiss. Somehow Person A and Death meet (Death taking a holiday, Person A can somehow see Death when they come for a loved one, etc.), but they spend their time together knowing that their first kiss will also be their last.