Imagine Person A of your OTP being extremely passionate about one subject in particular, and being able to talk about it for hours if you let them. Person B does find the subject interesting, but more than that, they adore how Person A’s eyes light up when they speak about it, and how excited they get. Person B is always flustered to find they’ve been rambling, but loves having someone to talk to what they love, because they rarely get discuss it with anyone else.

Anonymous said:  What is BDSM?

Oh, you sweet child…

Anonymous said:  Will u marry my duck?

Sorry, but I’m not that into them.

Anonymous said:  So, uh... you like ducks?

Anonymous said:  I SUMMON ALL THE DUCKS

what have you done


Imagine your OTP going to the hospital for some embarrassing sex-related accident, and having to explain what happened.


Imagine your OTP engaging in fluffy after-care following a session of BDSM or intense, rough sex. Trading kisses and loving words, cleaning each other up, tending to any bruises or the like their play might have left, and overall just taking the time to reaffirm their relationship and make sure they’re both in a good place emotionally.


Imagine your OTP having rough sex. Person A fucks Person B hard and fast, keeping a bruising grip on their hips. A bites down on B’s shoulder as they come, and B leaves deep scratches over A’s back.


Imagine your OTP about to have sex with one another for the first time. It comes up that Person B is a virgin. Person A asks if B saved their virginity for this moment with A, to which Person B replies “Nah” and admits that just they never felt like it until now.


Imagine your OTP going to the same high school. Person A is seen as a loser and has a huge, obvious crush on the most popular person in school—Person B. The rest of the school mocks Person A because of their crush, but after finding out about it, Person B offers to pretend-date A in order to shut the bullies up. After pretend-dating, though, Person B develops actual feelings for Person A.

Bonus: Person C is one of the bullies and secretly has a crush on Person A.